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Viruses, malware and spyware can severely affect your computers performance by making your system run slow, not boot, and in some cases, steal your personal information. However, we have solutions to your virus related problems. 

Operating System Install

We can wipe your PC or Macbook clean and start fresh, no matter what operating you had installed on the unit. We'll re-install your operating system of choice, and perform all the system updates.

Starting fresh can help free up disk space, speed up the computer and increase overall performance. Whether you just need a fresh start or maybe someone gave you an older computer; a clean install is a great way to go. We'll fully update the machine to ensure flawless performance of your applications.

Mother Board Replacement

If your computer or laptop is not powering on, crashes randomly, overheats, shuts off randomly, freezes, won't detect USB or firewire ports, kernel panics or otherwise just acts strange it, in some cases, this usually indicates a problem with the motherboard.

If you are experiencing this problem, please bring (or send) your computer into us and we’ll perform a FREE diagnosis to determine exactly what is wrong with the computer and how much it will cost to repair it.

Replacing Hard Drives

If you'd like to upgrade your existing hard drive we can easily clone everything from your smaller drive to a larger one. Upon completion your computer will be exactly the same as it was with the original drive only with more capacity.

Forgot your password? 

We can attempt to fix or clear most passwords from your unit. In rare cases there are some types of passwords which may not be able to be cleared.

If you forgot the password to your computer or for some reason you can no longer login to your account don't worry, we can attempt to help and in many cases restore your password to working order.

Data Recovery

The most common reaction to data loss is fear. Fear that it may be gone forever. With business projects, timeless family pictures and critical customer databases at stake, it's understandable. But it can also be recoverable. From accidentally deleted files to clicking and grinding hard drives, we've seen it and we'll work hard to recover it all.

Facing data loss can be a scary prospect. We know how stressful it can be. Don't beat yourself up wondering what it would have been like if you'd just been able to back up the data. We have many different levels of service designed to meet your individual needs. We work hard to retrieve those precious pictures, music files, that just took endless hours of hard work on your part to download, and data files that are just too important to be without.  We won't rest until we've done everything possible to get your data back to you as quickly and safely as possible. That's our total commitment to you.

We understand how frustrating a computer repair job can be and we strive and take pride in making your computer repair an easy and affordable experience. There are many choices out there when it comes to computer repair centers but at Micro Express Service we offer great service with professional, friendly care and where we keep our customer's needs  always in the forefront. Our affordable pricing make's our service center a 'no brainer' for most and we are here to help you with the most cost-effective solutions to get you back on track and enjoying your computer.

Let this stressful time be a pleasant experience from start to finish.  We're ready and willing to answer any questions you have and work closely with you every step of the way.

Service You Can Trust. Quality You Can Afford.

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Corruption attacks have increased and become ever more complex then ever before. Not only will your computer run slow, there are times when pop-ups overwhelm your computer, website redirects occur and even fake virus programs can appear asking for credit card information, that some fine too realistic and legitimate to pass up. In some cases, when a virus has severely damaged your computer or laptop, we may recommend a system restore however, we can determine this once our FREE diagnosis is run on the computer. Although these problems are frustrating they can be fix without spending a fortune. 

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